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I first discovered Louise and Rose (Lou Lou Rose) at a festival in Ireland. I was presenting a meditation for the attendees, while they were teaching a group of young children to create a gratitude tree. I was so impressed with them and the way they taught, and soon found out they were authors of a great book (now two!) I bought a bunch of them to take back with me to the U.S. The meditation teachers that go through our Meditation Teacher Academy have really enjoyed them. In a few weeks I’ll be returning to Ireland to facilitate a meditation and mindfulness teacher training. I’ve invited them to offer our new teachers meditation tips for children based on their books, It’s Always There, and Where is Happy? We are so lucky to hear their insights and experiences teaching kids.
— Sarah McLean, Director, McLean Teacher Academy, Founder, McLean Meditation Institute, Internationally recognised meditation expert and Hay House author
‘I think ‘Where Is Happy’ is a wonderful book to help children understand that happiness does not come from the material world. It is insightful but delivers its wisdom and message in a way children will understand and enjoy. A great tool for parents who want to help their children grow up happier and more fulfilled.’
— Charlotte Reed- author and illustrator of May The Thoughts Be With You. published by Hay House
These are wonderful children’s books and cards. Well written and easy to understand for children and adults too with our inner child. Simply written and illustrated. Found them as handy tools to let kids open up for interaction. Wonderful creations for new age kid, look forward to many more to follow. ..a tool for all parents to have.
— Srimanju Katragadda, Author of Connect to Your Inner Guide published by Hay House.
This second book by Lou Lou Rose does not disappoint! It is a beautiful book that would be a wonderful resource for all children. It helps kids on their journey to discover where ‘happy’ is and helps them to become more self-aware and develop a better understanding of their emotions. Working in mental health, I see the importance of helping children become more aware of their emotions and how teaching about emotions from a young age helps children become more resilient and confident in later life. During early childhood children develop their emotional and social skills, and this period of time is massively important in influencing their mental health and well-being in the future. This book can assist children with naming emotions, and understanding what they are feeling and why. This book also has the potential to positively affect relationships as reading it together will be a lovely bonding time for children and their parents/ guardians. The message in this book is as beautiful as it’s illustrations and it manages to balance being a gorgeous book that children will enjoy reading with having a very positive and important message. This book is suitable for a huge range of age groups and everyone, including adults, can benefit from reading it! I cannot recommend this book enough and I think it is a fantastic resource that can really create a positive change in the world.’
— Nicola Dywer, Health Psychologist
I would highly recommend this inspiring book as a very engaging and practical resource that will support children in actively building the vital skill of self acceptance” on ‘Where is Happy’.
— Dr Steve Doherty (Counselling Psychologist)
I have found the book “It’s Always There” to be a treasure in the infant classroom. The children often call it their favourite book and it almost instantly creates a calming safe atmosphere for them. I begin using it in September and by the midterm the children are using the techniques and saying the words while I read and show them the beautiful illustrations. The children definitely gain coping skills from this book and I am so proud to see even junior infants put their hands on their belly to calm and focus their minds and listen to other children tell me that when they are angry or sad they think about their breathing to feel better. The impact of this book in my classroom has been hugely beneficial and I look forward to using it again and again.
— Edel Walsh, Primary School Teacher
I’ve met Gurus, meditation masters, medicine men from far and wide and this book is up there with their teachings. Pure & simple this book radiates happiness and is a reminder that ‘It’s Always There’
— Gabriella
This is a stunning book. Important stuff for any child and gorgeous illustrations.
— Robin
I am in love with this book!!!! My husband picked it up for the girls the other day and it is just plain fantastic. The story and illustrations are beautiful as is the message behind the book. A wonderful way of teaching your children how to manage their emotions and to find a sense of peace when things are getting out of control for them. This book has a place on every child’s book shelf and would be a very positive tool in the class room as well. Cannot recommend highly enough.
— Maria
Fantastic Lou Lou Rose. There is still a child in me. The book ‘It’s Always There’ said it all for me.
— Elaine
Partly a story on meditation and calming, partly a workbook, this book seeks to encourage children to focus on their breathing patterns in order to bring calmness and mindfulness into situations they find stressful. A workbook section at the back of the book also encourages children to focus on the here and now, remember their thoughts are only like passing clouds and remind themselves to be thankful for what they have. Beautifully illustrated, it is rare to find such a delightful book aimed at the mental health and self confidence of younger children.
— Ruth
Every child should have this book
— Tara
This is a wonderful book promoting the importance of children’s meditation, calmness. I couldn’t recommend it more, for anyone with a young child. There’s a lovely selection of exercises at the end too.
— Aoife
Such a great workshop for children. So relaxing, so helpful to the children, in dealing with feelings, anxiety etc.
— Betty
This is a fantastic workshop & I’d highly recommend it to any parent.
— Denise
I really recommend these classes to anyone who feels there child could do with some help, so anyone that would like to put there child into these classes i couldn’t recommend this girl enough
— Catherine
Brilliant. Your doing a great service to the community and tomorrows World
— Joe
You are both so wonderful. So passionate about making a positive difference in children’s lives
— Grainne
My child came back full of excitement to tell me about his feelings. Highly recommended. All kids should be taught these skills for emotional wellbeing. Thank you.
— Caroline
As a parent myself and a massive fan of mindfulness I can’t recommend this workshop or Louise high enough.
— Angi
Have a look at this page - maybe you could order this lil book online/play the videos of it for Cheeks-I know a lil man whose comfort is now these books written by Lou Lou Rose and he’s anxiousness is now short-lived, well managed and a fleeting thought rather than an all-consuming state
— Una